BUY VINTAGE: Why not Buy a Cyclemotor?

Why not Buy a Cyclemotor?

This auction has a large and interesting collection of cyclemotors for sale. I’ve collected these attractive and obscure examples over many years. I’m particular about what I buy and I trust my instincts. I don’t want to sell them all, but need to find new homes for most of them as I no longer have the time to give them all the time they deserve.

Mopeds, cyclemotors and small scooters are becoming increasingly popular. They’re ideal vintage bikes to start with if you’re just getting into the hobby because they are cheap, many are quite easy to ride, and they are easier to maintain. Also, they have pedals in case you break down… 🙂


Pictured above is the rarest of a rare breed. This 1922 Labinal Micromoteur on a 1919 Griffon is quite a handful and rather impractical. But that’s not necessarily because it’s so ancient; French cyclemotors of the twenties were totally impractical even when they were new.

At the other end of the spectrum of practicality is the 1967 Honda P50 (below). It’s newer than most of my bikes, and I don’t usually buy Japanese; but I do like iconic styles. This is a useable, cheap, good-looking moped that’s taxed and MOT’d and ready to use.


If you fancy something rarer than a Honda, but nevertheless completely useable, below you’ll see a 1955 Cyclorev, the only one in the UK, and even very rare in France. It runs well and is not expensive.


Or how about a Cyclemaster? Because I have a Cyclemaster Museum ( I have several of these for sale; this restored 1950s Cyclemaster on Raleigh bicycle is the nicest and most expensive if you want the best, but there are also others in the auction that are cheaper.


Many enthusiasts do simple restorations on their bikes in the winter, and then take them with their families to local steam rallies and shows in the summer. It’s a great way to get your kids interested in a hobby, whether they help you with simple mechanical tasks, paintwork or just riding the bikes around the parade ground at a show. If they’re only ridden around a showground the bikes obviously do not need to be insured, MOT’d or even registered.

Some of my friends restore small machines for their wives or girlfriends to use. Let’s face it, convincing the ‘other half’ to go to a motorcycle event can sometimes be hard work; shows can be boring. But a group effort – and the promise of a picnic in the sun at a summer event – helps a lot.

Though most of the cyclemotors in this auction are ready to jump on and ride, there are also some restoration projects. The 32cc Cyclemaster Harding Trike (below) is as unusual a vehicle as you’re likely to find for sale anywhere this year and, with spares easy to find, should be an enjoyable and easy project.


You can usually ride an under-50cc vehicle on a car license. So, once you’re set up with insurance, you’ll be ready for a cyclemotor run.

You can read about one I went on recently by clicking on the following link:




If you have any enquiries about the vehicles in these auctions,
Colin is available to help you between 9am and 7pm daily on 07866-126469
or please email as below


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