BUY VINTAGE: Your emails & Why we do NOT end early

Thanks for all your emails, folks.

Most of you have realized the enormous amount of time I’ve spent setting up this website and organizing the auctions, and it has been very rewarding to receive your feedback.

I hope you don’t mind if I print some of them here.


To start off though, I’ve been getting too many emails from people trying to make offers for us to end the auctions early.

I’ll now have to start using the letter below as my standard reply.



I can’t see any point whatsoever in ending the auction early.

This is an auction, and the idea of an auction is to bid so that the highest bid wins the lot.

It’s as simple as that, and if you don’t buy it someone else will.

After the auctions end I’ll show the sale prices on the website and people will be able to link to each finished auction.

We can then look at the prices that various vehicles made, and it will stay on the internet as a public resource as some sort of price guide for vintage vehicles.

I’ve told a number of people the same thing.

A few got quite obnoxious about it – obviously people who like to get their own way.

But what’s the point in us taking this ridiculous amount of time and effort to organize an event like this – that is providing so much enjoyment for so many people – if all the auctions end early?

I hope you understand now.

All the best,



Sir,I have read someone`s e-mail to you saying how fascinating your listings are and i agree however i feel that it may not have been an ebay sale you needed but a museum.

best wishes and regards

Hi Andrew,

Rich people have museums; poor people have ebay sales. ……..Though I do have an online museum –


mate the best site on the net cheers mark

– modboy62


hi there,just want to say thankyou for letting me see your site,had some of the bikes over the last 45 years,have now got an harley davidson electraglide 1996 ultra classic/£3000 worth of extras,but sadly doctor has stopped me riding it,too heavy/big. its like new 20,000 miles fully dressed,been told to get a trike,?so dont know what to do with the bike now.thanks mike.


hi,liked the web site nice to know there are simlar nutters like my self.
just pick you up on one point in case you didnt know.and that is the winged wheel was found to be to under powered in the 50s for carrier bikes so it never happened,instead they used the mini motor with the extra cc,even this was found to be under powered and made a 75cc although there were not many produced.
but i do like what you have done and hope you get your asking price,
i am a trade bike nut and have over 40.
regards owen


Dear groovydubber,

the ” unknown ” trike with the sachs lump in was a rear twin seat passenger job to take old ppl with walking sticks an the like across the runway to the aircraft ect, I used to assemble the Kabinrollers in wharf lane brixton in the fities an remeber a few of these for sevecing, …Stan…hope it helps,..nice collection though,,being a 2/t nutter myself,….


Dear groovydubber,

Just had a good look at your site, and found it to be very friendly.
Well done



Would it be ok to use the pictures and information for the Belgian website, all about tricycles and partly in English.
Of course we would make a reference.

Hi Andre,
> Please use anything you like.
> I have a 3-wheeler site too
> i have not updated it for a while because i have been setting up
> and now this auction.
> i’ll add your links to it.
> good to meet other fanatics 🙂
> all the best,
> colin



Hello! A very lovely car indeed. I just wanted to say that if the
car doesn’t sell this time round I will certainly purchase her from
you in July. Presently I am in Australia and it is therefore
impossible for me to partake in the auction. I am from Brighton,
born and bred so when I get back I will be local. By the looks of
things you deal in vintage vehicles? If this morris does sell, I’d
still be interested to come and see your stock when I return. If
you could keep me posted on your stock? Do you always sell
through ebay? Finally whereabouts in Brighton are you?

Thanks for your time!



Hi Lloyd,

The car will definite sell (it is the Morris 8 and it has already met its reserve CLICK HERE).

I don’t really have ‘stock.’ I’m primarily a collector; but also if I come across a beautiful old vehicle that’s affordable I might buy it and do whatever work it needs, and then sell it when I’ve had some enjoyment using it. That’s generally only one or two at a time. My missus would like me to be more of a dealer than a collector, but I get too attached to everything. We’ll see what happens after this auction; maybe I’ll start selling more.


Hello there, I must admit I am completely confused by your website.

I am just down the road in Hacheston and interested in the BSA 350 Trials, this would be my first venture into vintage bikes after many year so on far too reliable Japanese rocketships. Do you have to sell it through Ebay or I can come and take a look?

All the best,


Sorry for confusion. The B31 has now sold on buy-it-now. But for future reference, each vehicle’s location is published in its ebay auction description. All sales must be through the ebay auctions.
All the best,


Hi although i will probably never buy any of your vintage vehicles can I just say your listings make fantastic reading,this one i found particularly amusing keep up the good work many thanks John


Hi there!

I found your site and blog today–thank you so much for such great information on old cyclemotors and mopeds! I am impressed with the depth and breadth of your knowledge, and of your collection! I am a real sucker for motorized bike-type vehicles…

I have a 1949 Batavus moped (I don’t have a picture at work right now to attach, but will send one when I get home if you would like). It looks like a moped Batman would ride–it is quite beautiful and unique. Would you have any information on this model? All I can find online is that it was probably among the first mopeds produced after Batavus moved their factory in 1949.

Thank you for any help you can give!

Susan 🙂



Hi Groovy, You write so lovely your descriptions really make me make me feel that i’ve known you all my life and that you are infact writing to me soley! Do you know me? Love G.Dane.



What happened to the puch 125 i was going to bidd on its dissapeared????

Hi Bill, Someone complained to ebay that the Puch auction had a
link to my website; ebay removed my auction! However, when I
phoned ebay they agreed that they’d already approved the link to
my website and re-instated it, which means I can relist it – this
evening at 8pm for 7 day auction. Colin


is there parts avaliable for these scooters? you said in your add that you restored one before- what is ana average cost for a project of this kind?

You can’t price up a restoration. It depends whether you do it yourself (obviously cheaper) or someone does it for you.

We restore because we’re crazy, not to make money. You may lose money restoring.

You have to hunt for spares. They are out there, but it may take time to find them; it may not.

Bit by bit you meet other owners of similar vehicles. You become part of a network. They help you, you help them.

You join the relevant clubs and it happens faster and you find folks to advise you.

From your first restoration you learn a lot. You learn everything about your vehicle. And you learn a lot about yourself.


Dear groovydubber,

You really are very annoying. How dare you post so many lovely vehicles. I don’t know what to do. I’m just sitting here salivating. Can you just list a couple next time!? 😦

– boiledoctopus


Question & Answer

Q: Hi i am sorry to contact you this way, but you may be able to help a fellow collector of weird things!!! I have a royal enfield tradesman delivery tricycle, 1936 a bit like the pashelys icecream bike 2 wheels at the front one at the rear. There is a photo of one in a book called “Royal Enfield by miles the best” by gordon g may. bottom photo on page 48. I have spoken to the RE owners club they know nothing about them, i have written to classic bike mag still nothing. I perhaps you may have come across one of these bikes before. Any info would be great, ie history, how long where they in production for, most af all how made the carb for them, the carb has a butterfly throttle valve, and was the engine ussed in a lawnmower? very best wishes gary.

A: Hi Gary, It sounds fabulous. Please send me a foto. The only RE trike I have pics of is a 3-wheeler Bullet on my triporteurs website – (Page “Triporteurs in Africa”)…… I’m also the VMCC marque specialist for commercial 3-wheelers, so I’ll see if I can find out any more info. …..By the way, there’s no need to apologize for emailing – I’ve been hosting interesting emails such as yours on my ebay listings for many years. Ebay is a handy bulletin board. I’ll add your email to the triporteurs website when you’ve sent photos and hopefully someone will reply with info about it sooner or later.


It’s late at night and I’ve just discovered your ebay links and your ow web site. I think you have done a fantastic job puting all this together. Good luck with it. Regards Kerry


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