BUY VINTAGE: Bidding, Winning, Delivery, Part-Exchange

ONLINE VINTAGE AUCTION: 6th March – 16th March 2008


Why Buy through ‘BuyVintage’ Online Auctions?

1. We ride vintage bikes ourselves. We’re longtime enthusiasts/collectors, and do everything we can to make your purchase a good experience.

2. With BuyVintage Online Auctions, you have the advantage of buying at an auction from the comfort of your own home. We can also help arrange deliveries (as cheap as £60 for most locations in the UK), so this really is the ultimate ‘armchair shopping’ experience.

3. Unlike auction houses,
we do NOT charge any sort of ‘buyers premium.’ The sale price is the total price you pay.

4. Unlike auction houses,
we own each vehicle, or it’s owned by someone we know personally and deal with regularly.

5. Unless it is for spares/restoration at no reserve, we provide a comprehensive description and as many photos as possible.

6. Unlike auction houses, there is no ‘bidding off the wall.’ Ebay rules are very strict on this: all bids are genuine. If there are no bids until the end (and there’s no reserve) your first bid wins the auction.

7. The auction is run by an experienced ebay powerseller with top feedback upholding the strictest trading ethics. All sales are underwritten by Andy or Colin.

8. We hope you appreciate that the majority of vehicles in this auction may sell at under their market value/ purchase price – in particular, most of Colin’s rare and obscure vehicles.

We’ve spent years finding, buying and collecting these vehicles from all over the place, checked them over, fixed them, and Colin has spent weeks researching information, building this website (still in progress) and setting up 100 ebay auctions. We pay all the set-up fees and commission ourselves.

This is not a profit-motivated venture, but a labour of love. It has two themes – to be kind of auction we’d enjoy buying at ourselves and to inspire fellow enthusiasts to take the plunge and buy a wonderful new (old) toy.

9. ANY QUESTIONS? Or if you’d just like to make contact, please email or phone Colin on 07866-126469 at any time (leave message if after 7-30pm). We are here to help you.




1. REGISTER WITH EBAY: This Auction runs over 10 days. So if you’re not already registered with ebay, this should give you sufficient time to register.

2. 10 DAY AUCTION: The auction lots will be entered onto ebay throughout Thursday 6th March 2008. Each of the individual ebay auctions will end 10 days later on Sunday 16th March 2008.

3. YOUR LEGAL LIABILITIES: All ebay rules apply. We’re nice guys, but this is our business and we’ve put a lot of hard work into this auction. We will not tolerate any time-waster.
As in every auction –




4. If you want to buy one of these vintage vehicles as a present for a loved one, please phone or email us at any time and we’ll assist in any way we can.

5. The auction covers two weekends, to give you time, if necessary, to view a particular lot: viewing is strictly by appointment. Andy’s vehicles are in Suffolk and can be viewed easily.
Colin’s are in Sussex; he works from home and vehicles are stored elsewhere. Mass viewing is not possible. You’re welcome to phone Colin if you require further information about a vehicle.

6. We have registered businesses. We pay tax. Invoices are provided, as well as any vehicle history and documentation if available.

7. CRANKY & TEMPERAMENTAL: Remember that these are old vehicles. Just like their owners, they may get cranky and temperamental and often don’t want to start.

Cyclemotors in particular require a lot of attention; after standing for a few weeks they might need carbs cleaning etc. I can not guarantee that any 2-stroke in this auction will start immediately when you receive it!

You’ll need at least basic mechanical maintenance skills or a good local mechanic. If you’re not already familiar with the vehicles, the appropriate Owners Clubs offer good support and advice.

8. ANY QUESTIONS? Or if you’d just like to make contact, please email or phone Colin on 07866-126469 at any time (I turn my phone off after 7-30pm). We are here to help you.




Congratulations – You’ve got a wonderful new (old) toy!

1. PERSONAL CONTACT: The first thing to do when you’ve won? – Please email your phone number so we can chat and discuss payment and delivery details. With this many lots, it may take us a few days to get in touch with everyone, but personal contact with our customers is very important to us.

2. £100 DEPOSIT: Ebay has a ‘check-out’ facility, so you automatically receive an invoice. It will suggest you pay by paypal (ebay owns paypal). But to reduce costs, we’re only taking £100 deposits on paypal (they charge us 4% processing fees) unless we agree something with you specifically.

3. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Paypal, bank transfer, cheque, cash.



All items must be paid for (eg cheques cleared) before collection or delivery.

UK – We can arrange delivery for you throughout the UK. We keep prices to a minimum – only £60 part-load delivery for easily-accessible parts of UK. Scotland, Wales, Cornwall is £100 maximum.

*** Bear in mind that part-load means it takes longer to arrive. It’s collected when the firm is in our area and dropped to you when they are in yours. Average time 3 weeks. If you want it fast you’ll need to organize collection yourself.

INTERNATIONAL – We can also arrange crating and shipping for international customers (at cost price) and we can arrange delivery via road-transport for most of Europe (usually under €400).

UNLESS IT IS INTERNATIONAL CRATING/SHIPPING you must pay the delivery company directly. We can not process delivery payments.



After the start of each of these auctions on 6th March, every one will run until the end on 16th March. WE WILL NOT END ANY OF THE AUCTIONS EARLY.

However, we are happy to accept part-exchanges. So please contact us in advance so we can agree a buy-in price for your vehicle. We’ll deduct this from the auction sale price if you win the bidding (or pay you the balance if you buy our vehicle for less).

Contact Andy for bikes in Ipswich and Colin for vehicles in Sussex. (email address inside the picture below).

And if you have interesting old vehicles for sale at reasonable prices, we may also be interested in purchasing them for our next auction.




If a vehicle does not sell in the auction (eg there may be a reserve price or a starting price that’s its reserve) it may still be available for sale after the auction.

However, both Andy and Colin are serious collectors who get very attached to their vehicles. Many are very rare and another may not come onto the market.

Having made extra space as a result of other vehicles selling, it’s just as likely that a particular unsold lot would not be for sale afterwards. If you want a specific vehicle, bidding in the auction is the only way to guarantee your purchase.



PUBLIC RESOURCE: This website will be updated with an auction report some time after the event. It will remain on the internet as a public resource so enthusiasts can easily view the information about the individual vehicles, and their sale prices.

ADD YOUR PHOTOS: After you’ve won the auction and your vehicle has arrived, you’re very welcome to email me photos and text for this website, so fellow enthusiasts can follow up the story of these obscure and interesting vintage vehicles. I stay in touch with many of my customers …and lots of you have become good friends!



I design websites similar to this for enthusiasts. If you’d like to see your vintage collection and vehicle stories online, please phone me on 07866-126469.



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