Page 12. 1954 Terrot VMS2 Scooter – the ‘Scooterrot’ SOLD £850

1954 Terrot VMS2 Scooter

SOLD £850 – and off to Diane in USA

For ebay auction: PLEASE CLICK HERE


In 1954 the model name of this 125cc Terrot scooter was actually ‘VMS2.’ It didn’t become the ‘Scooterrot’ until 1955. But I can’t help calling it a scooterrot as I think it’s such a great name.


I love 1950’s French scooters. I adore my riding my Peugeot S57; its wonderful little design touches never cease to amuse me. But the Scooterrot is probably my favourite model; surely it’s the most bulbous design of all the 1950’s French models?


This one is in excellent unrestored condition. The bodywork is complete and very sound. It is missing its kickstart and requires complete mechanical restoration.


The reason for selling this little treasure is because I’ve now got so many vehicles undergoing restoration and have bought an earlier Terrot scooter that’s already restored.










I just checked through my notes in response to questions about this scooter, and realized that in its original French ebay description, the seller said he’d had it running. I’ve been so busy with other ongoing restorations, I’ve never got round to checking it. I did not buy it from him on ebay, but privately (with another scooter), and I’d always assumed he’d lied about its mechanical condition. But maybe not? I’ll amend the starting price accordingly (at least to cover the price I paid for it and transportation costs to get it back to UK). If it doesn’t sell in this auction, with all my others selling I’ll now have time to get this beautiful beast on the road myself 🙂


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