Page 15. 1953 Peugeot TN55 Triporteur 125cc – UNSOLD

1953 Peugeot TN 55 Triporteur

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I’m a real sucker for triporteurs. In the 1980’s, I owned an early 1950’s Pashley delivery m/cycle. I still regret selling it, so I snapped up this wonderful old triporteur the minute I found it.


These triporteurs are based on the Peugeot 125cc motorcycle.


I suppose you could consider that model to be the French equivalent of our BSA Bantam, ie the kind of bike blokes my age learned to ride at school – so spares are quite plentiful.


It’s complete apart from one headlight, has good compression, and needs minimal restoration. The previous owner (in France) restored it in the early 1990s, but hadn’t used it in the past 12 years.


Three-wheeler delivery vehicles such as this helped France get back on its feet after the war. With its excellent reputation, this Peugeot version was the most popular of the various triporteurs on the market.


The cooling fan on the side was added to help the 125cc engine cope with heavy loads.


This Peugeot is so eccentric that it would make an incredible advertising vehicle.


I’d intended getting it on the road and chugging round the countryside, but with so many other restorations on the go, I didn’t get round to it. And now I have other priorities so, unfortunately, this delightful postwar French pick-up truck must go to another enthusiast who will cherish it.


I wonder how many other eccentrics there are out there besides me who enjoy vehicles like this?


There are all sorts of options for the front: it could have a box, like the stop-me-and-buy-one ice cream trucks; perhaps a couple bicycles for display if you use it to ride around the parade ring at a show? Or even an advertising board if you wanted to use it for your business?




I prefer this earlier Peugeot TN 55 model, as the next model, the TN 57, had square-shaped mudguards which seem more ugly (compare the photos of my TN55 with the adverts for the TN57).


I do fancy one of those roofs though.



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