Page 16. 1954 Riva Sport RSI-Motobloc – SOLD AFTER AUCTION

1954 Riva Sport

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The Riva Sport was also known as the RSI-Motobloc. It was made by Riva Sport Industries, Rue de Madrid, Vichy, France.



The Riva Sport was imported to Great Britain from February 1956, and sold as the RSI-Motobloc.

The Standard model sold for £53 19/- 3d and the De Luxe for £68 18/- 2d.

I prefer the earlier ‘cyclemotor’ design over the more modern ‘moped’ style, so to my eye these later models – with the petrol tank mounted at the front, as in the picture on the left, are not as attractive as the earlier ones.

But by 1955, every cyclemotor company in Europe was furiously introducing new styles to cash in on the latest moped craze which was fast superceding the cyclemotor craze.

Many manufacturers had to put their older models on the market to ‘stake their claim’ and establish export and distributor rights, while they meanwhile worked fast to adapt them to look more like the new range of mopeds.

The forward position of the petrol tank was a typical styling manouevre that gave the new models the appearance of a motorcycle, and so suggested more speed (although the Riva engine is only 38cc, more a cyclemotor capacity than that of a moped).


The Riva/ RSI had an advantage in its 2-speed automatic gearing, controlled very conveniently by the left-hand throttle grip.


This particular example has been restored by my friend in France, and both its design and finish are very attractive.

I do like the Riva-Sport emblem, quoting the company motto “The World in his wheel…”



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