Page 17. 1955 Cyclorev (le Mistral engine) SOLD £595

1955 Cyclorev (le Mistral engine)

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This delightful cyclomoteur was restored by my friend Patrick in Paris. The model is typical of French bikes of the era, a time when cycle-attachments were evolving into mopeds. Like all the models in the change-over years of the early/mid fifties, the Cyclorev could fall into either category.


The parent company BVF was located at 36 rue Désiré-Claude, St Etienne (Loire). The first models, in 1952, used le Poulain or VAP engines.


The le Mistral engine was introduced in 1954, but by 1955 production had finished. The Cyclorev is rare in France now.


An interesting feature is the 2-speed gearbox controlled by a left-hand twist-grip.


Here’s a picture of the Cyclorev arriving in Brighton, with its pedals waiting to be re-fitted.


The Cyclorev runs well. It has been prepared ready for MOT, but I have not yet MOT’d it or registered it in UK.


Here are some new photos of the Cyclorev, slightly larger, so that you can see everything you need to see…






This really is a superb cyclemotor, extremely rare in France and the only one in Great Britain. Its restoration has been carried out in a very sympathetic way and it would be a machine you’d be proud to own, to ride, and to take to shows.


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