Page 82.1956 Phillips Gadabout Moped – SOLD £295

1956 Phillips Gadabout Moped

For ebay auction: PLEASE CLICK HERE


The Phillips moped was cheap at its launch in 1955 but it was not as good a machine as its competitors. It sold for £57 17/- 11d in 1955 (up to 66 guineas a year later in the advert below)


But that’s what we like – mopeds that are not as good as their competitors. It’s called ‘onedownmanship.’


This delightful old Phillips is just that, a bit scruffy and tarnished but, nevertheless, ready for faithful service as your local runabout – assuming you have the occasional masochistic tendencies 🙂


656 XUE is MOT’d until 17th September 2008, and taxed until 31-08-8, though tax is, of course, free. It ran fine at its MOT last September when the MOT examiner insisted I started it up. Though I’ve not run it since; I just smile at it as I pass it in my storage unit.


I’m not sure why I’m selling this Phillips: it’s unlikely to make much money in its auction as few people are as nutty as me about unloved mopeds; oh yes, that’s right, the missus needs a new fridge and Comet wouldn’t do a part exchange with a Phillips Gadabout.


Oh well. Do your worse, fellow unloved-moped-enthusiasts…


By the way, the Phillips Gadabout Service Data booklet I bought at an autojumble might as well go with it.





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