Page 84. 1975 Puch Maxi Moped – SOLD £185

1975 Puch Maxi Moped

For ebay auction: PLEASE CLICK HERE

Easy Restoration Project


Back in 1975 women in their twenties dressed like the young lady in this Puch Maxi advert. I know that’s hard to accept in the politically correct 21st century, but it’s true nonetheless. However, I doubt that ownership of a 1975 Puch Maxi these days is likely to encourage passing women to adopt a similar fashion.


I can’t really think of anything good to say about Puch Maxis. I don’t like them. My mechanic Geoff likes them because he says they’re well-built and easy to work on. But new vehicles in the 1970’s and later decades totally passed me by; I was into older stuff then, and still am.
(Since writing this, I have been out on the Puch Maxi Zorplan Shopper 3-Wheeler and it’s possible I might make an exception to my ‘older stuff’ ideas).

This particular Puch Maxi was used regularly by the previous owner who did look after it well. It would be an easy restoration project. And with good spares availability and the well-made Puch engines I think this particular one would be ideal for a first vintage restoration.

So if you know someone who’s keen to start off on that slippery road to the vintage hobby…


This Maxi was MOT’d when i bought it 2 years ago, but now the MOT and tax has expired. It has a V5C registration document and the registration is JYJ 359N. Though I can’t lay my hands on the V5C at the moment so I’ll send off for a duplicate.


I think it will fire up with little work. But I’m selling it for restoration or spares with no reserve and a £1.50 starting price. If you like Puch Maxis, this is for you…


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