Page 35. 1939 Peugeot P53 SOLD £995

1939 Peugeot P53 Motorcycle. 100cc with 3-speed hand-change gearbox

For ebay auction: PLEASE CLICK HERE


After I bought my 1955 Peugeot S57 scooter, I took more interest in the Peugeot marque. I now seem to have one of each kind of Peugeot: as well as the scooter, a 1954 TN55 triporteur, a 1954 Bima moped, and this delightful pre-war motorcycle.


I’ve seen photos of P53’s being used during the war in France; I can easily visualize them being used by the Resistance for buzzing around the countryside.


But I’m surprised how rare and sought-after they’ve become in their native country.


This one is in excellent condition, having been restored by a friend of mine in France. Two jobs are needed on it: the kick-start has snapped, so a new one is required; and the rear wheel rim needs rebuilding (a local company charges £70 for a wheel rebuild). I removed the lion badge from the front mudguard as it looks quite dangerous; but I’ll include it in the sale.


I’ve used it quite a bit to buzz around the local countryside (on French plates) and it push-starts easily enough. It’s a very pleasant ride.


Q. Yes …I know it looks like it has pedals. But they are only ‘pretend’ pedals.


A. In order to encourage people to buy motorcycles in the thirties, the French government allowed pedal-assisted motorcycles under 50cc to be exempt from registration and the need for a driving license. (Although the current government may try to revoke this law, it still stands in France). Peugeot made this 100cc model with fixed foot-pegs that look like pedals so that people could break the law and ride it without a license or reg!


The above poster is actually the cover of a brochure I have showing the extensive travels of a French chap on his Peugeot P53.

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