Page 42. 1972 Volkswagen Fastback Mild Custom – SOLD £871.21

1972 Volkswagen Fastback Mild Custom

For ebay auction: PLEASE CLICK HERE





I’ve owned this Fastback for several years. While using it as my daily car I started to customize it. I bought lots of accessories from Type 3 Detectives and put them on the car.

I also designed the unique custom I was going to turn it into, and bought the necessary parts.

However, while this was going on, I found an even more outrageous vehicle, a VW Splitscreen Roadster, in South Africa, and I ended up importing it and putting all my time and money into that instead. I completed that project: you can see ‘The Lovedub’ if you search for ‘VW Splitscreen Camper Convertible: Wedding or CPC Hire’ on ebay. Or find my ebay profile – Groovydubber – and look through my items for sale (the Lovedub is not for sale; but I advertise it for hire on ebay). Or CLICK HERE –

As a result, the Fastback is still waiting for completion of its customization.

But I’ve now decided to sell most of my vintage vehicles and, unfortunately, the Fastback is among the ones that I must pass on to another enthusiast. I will never be able to recover my outlay (over £2500). But with over 80 vintage vehicles (mostly 2-wheelers and 3-wheelers) common sense needs to pay a visit.

Here’s my design:


It pains me to sell it unfinished. But you don’t need to feel sorry for me as I’m keeping my best vehicles. I hope the new owner will continue its customization. I’m not interested in customs that look like every other custom; I can’t see the point in that. I’ve got pretty bored with the VW scene for that reason – however much I love them, if I see yet another lowered patinized splitty I might be sick over it.

So I’m throwing in all the bumpers for this Fasty – that means the 2 originals (in excellent condition) and a front early one in excellent condition (obviously the rear early one is already on it). I know they’re worth money. And I know I’d make more selling them separately. But this auction is a job lot.

I wish the new owner the best of luck and I hope they stay in touch with me to show me what they’ve done with the car.

You can drive this Fasty home. But the engine blows out some oil. Sooner or later you’ll need to have a look inside it.

The interior is excellent. I added a stereo – remind me please to find its face.

The bodywork is starting to bubble in a few places. But the underside is sound and this is overall a great Fasty. The 2-tone colour scheme is unusual but original. It was an option in 1972 that cost an extra £40.

The wheels are stupid. It took me 3 months to find centres for them. Steels like these constantly deflate the tyres! Nevertheless I’ve stuck with them for ‘the look.’

The Aussie visor has ‘council estate cruiser’ written all over it. I live on a council estate so that’s okay then. It’s well bolted so it doesn’t rattle.

The mirrors are odd. One of the ugly 1972 indicators is taped up (I had plans for custom indicators so I wasn’t bothered).

The previous owner gave it new front wings.

It has an MOT until 6th August 2008. It’s taxed. Its registration is a WES ___K plate that is worth £100 or so if you can be bothered to advertise or sell it.

The mileage is around 90,000 genuine miles. I bought it from the 3rd owner. It’s tax exempt. If I write any more about it I’ll change my mind and keep it, so that’s your lot. Email or phone me if you have any questions or would like to view it and take it for a spin.

The auction has no reserve. It’s all yours…

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