Page 52. 1959 BSA C15 250cc – SOLD £995

1959 BSA C15 250cc

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The previous owner had this bike for most of his life, and passed his test on it in the early 1970s. It still has the same engine number as in the old logbook. It was restored many years ago and is in excllent mechanical condition. It’s ready to jump on and ride.


1958 saw the beginning of a completely new departure from the usual engine/transmission design with the introduction of unit construction machine in place of the 250cc C12. The first of this new breed of motorcycle, the 250cc C15 Star, was an instant success. It had a clean, uncluttered appearance and provided reliable and economical transport.

This change from the old arrangement of separate gear box and engine was also accompanied by a redesigned frame which proved to be much better than that of the C12. The 250cc was based on the Triumph Tiger Cub 200cc, with a vertical cylinder and an up-to-date styling. It proved a success in many ways, but especially as this was the largest capacity solo machine that a learner rider in the UK could have until they had passed their driving test.

Taken from the excellent BSA C15 website –



C15’s are another bike I was familiar with in my schooldays, though didn’t own one. I bought my first C15 twenty years ago and was very disappointed: it had seemed like a big bike when I was 16; 20 years on it shocked me how small it was.


This early C15 is as good to ride as any I’ve had a go on.


It has new brakes front and rear, and the front is from a Triumph 500, so it stops well (though you have to remember that it’s more powerful than most front brakes and apply it gently).


The rear rim is a bit corroded and the exhaust down-pipe has seen better days. It’s not a show bike; it’s a good road bike hack.


It has a new battery, though I’m not sure how well it holds its charge.


The MOT is until 31st January 2009. It’s taxed (free) for 11 months. There’s a V5C Registration document.


C15s have become increasingly popular over the past few years, as they are such practical vintage British Bikes to own and use. And they don’t take much effort to kick-start or put onto their stands.


If you want a decent old thumper to use this summer that will not cost the earth to buy or maintain, and holds its value well, 424 XUK is as good for the money as any you’re likely to find.




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