Page 54. 1954 Royal Enfield Clipper 250cc UNSOLD

1954 Royal Enfield Clipper 250cc

Very rare Model. Matching frame and engine number: 3952

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Compared to other unusual vintage motorcycles, this model has been overlooked. Because of that it’s now one of the rarest fifties Royal Enfields.


Announced in 1953 for the 1954 season was the 250cc Clipper. It had a top speed of 62mph and cost £162. The advertisement above is of a similar 1955 model. Very few vehicles were available new in Great Britain at that time. We still had petrol rationing. Many new Royal Enfields were exported, and nowadays it is unusual to come across an early Clipper 250 like this.




Another reason contributing to the rarity of early 250cc Clippers is that they were overshadowed by both the later 350cc Clippers and the Royal Enfield Bullet.


I’m partial to any bike that’s obscure or has been overlooked; that’s what I collect.


According to the factory records, this Clipper was originally dispatched to Stocker and Shepherd in Reading on 16th September 1954. But I don’t know anything else about it as, when I bought it, it did not have any documents. The Owners Club provided an authentication document and, after having it MOT tested a few weeks ago, the DVLA have now allocated it with a period registration and I have its V5C Registration Document.


When I bought the Royal Enfield it had been repainted in this colour which was an option in that year, and partially restored. We finished the job.


It now runs well, and is ready to see service this season as a local runaround as well as an interesting mount to take to shows and rallies.


Lightweight British vintage motorcycles are appreciating in value; the main reason is that they are so practical to use and maintain.


So this unusual – and very attractive – Royal Enfield represents a good investment.





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