Page 59. 1956 Cyclemaster Harding Tricycle 32cc – SOLD £620

1956 Cyclemaster Harding Trike 32cc

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As you can see from this article, R.A. Harding (Bath) Ltd fitted some of their tricycles with Cyclemaster engines.


Harding Ltd was a well-established company that was well-known earlier in the 20th Century for their ‘Bath Chairs.’


Unfortunately, this 1956 Harding Cyclemaster-powered trike was not one of their best designs.


Although the tricycle was, as they claim in their brochure, a well-built machine, the small wheels at the front make it rather unstable on the road. As an unpowered tricycle this may not be so noticeable. But with the benefit of faster speed, I find that the lightweight frame is not substantial enough for the job.


The Ackerman steering also has a habit of getting stuck at the points of furthest travel, ie on full lock. So we’ve had to weld a ‘mechanical stop’ to prevent it turning fully to left or right (see below).


I have to say this is one of the most stupid contraptions I’ve ever come across.


Of course, that’s what makes it so appealing 🙂


I collect Cyclemasters. This auction is to sell the many duplicates in my collection. I have another one of these Harding Cyclemaster-powered Trikes, which is why I’m selling this one.


This machine is for restoration. The engine is incomplete. And the Harding trike has no brakes. You’ll also need to make up some front mudguards. But these are not difficult jobs to do. Once completed, you’ll have one of the most obscure and stupid 1950’s motorized vehicles ever made and be the envy of any vintage vehicle enthusiast you might meet.


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