Page 61. 1954 Peugeot Bima Standard Moped

1954 Peugeot Bima Standard Moped


I’m a confirmed vintage Peugeot addict. I have quite a varied selection of models including this Bima Standard moped. I originally intended to include it in the grand auction, but am quite attached to it, so have held it back.


So what’s so special about a 1954 Peugeot Bima Standard moped? (or ‘moby’ as mopeds are called in France)


Well, I like the styling. The little details such as the badges. I definitely like mopeds that have levers to connect the engine to the wheel, and the Peugeot has a good one.


With an engine lever it means the 1954 Bima still hasn’t quite made the transition from cycle-attachment to moped.


And early Bimas run well. They were one of the better French mopeds in their day. Peugeots deservedly have a good reputation.


I bought this particular one from one of my friends in France (Jean-do). I purchased it as a runner, but have not had a chance to put it through the workshop and fire it up.


This Bima is in very good unrestored condition. It oozes patina.


I’m loathe to sell it because Brits simply don’t get French cyclomoteurs; rather than ride something different, they all seem to ride the same bikes as everyone else. I don’t understand why enthusiasts are supposedly eccentric enough to ride fifties vehicles but simultaneously too conventional to ride different fifties vehicles?


Oh well, I suppose it’s the same as guys rebelling and instead of suits they wear Levis. Except everyone who rebels wears Levis. I wear Levis, so who am I to complain?


Look at this lovely little cyclemotor.



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