Page 63. 1955 Monet Goyon Starlett Scooterette (98cc Villiers) – UNSOLD

1955 Monet Goyon Starlett Scooterette Type K ‘Model S2S Standard’ Scooterette – with 98cc Villiers engine

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This scooterette is from my private collection. We’ve recently stripped it down and given it a complete mechanical restoration. Of course, the superb original paint was left untouched.


The Starlett was the world’s first scooterette. To quote one of the articles I wrote on the Cyclemaster Museum website: “The cyclemotor, scooter and moped all meet at the scooterette.”


It was really designed to look like a car.


The petrol cap is large like that on a fifties car.


The fully-enclosed body obviously hides all the oily bits just as a car does.


The petrol knob and choke knob (below) are just like the controls found on a car dash in the fifties. The leg-shields and foot-plates are scooter-like, also suggesting car running-boards. And the hand-start lever reminds you of a car’s gear-stick.


The idea behind the styling was to encourage women to buy the Starlett. Monet Goyon’s extensive advertising campaigns from its launch in 1953 were aimed squarely at women.


It’s very pleasant to drive – it feels decidedly like a motorcycle rather than a scooter or moped, and the 98cc Villiers engine with 2-speed gearbox is as pokey as you’d expect. The bodywork is very solid – more so than most scooters – and this makes it a bit heaver than a British Villiers machine such as a James Comet. But I like the idea of riding a scooter that handles like a motorcycle. (Mind you, I never could decide if I was a mod or a rocker).


My only criticism of the machine is the hand-start lever. It takes a bit of practice to avoid banging yourself on this particular Starlett’s ostentatious accessory pillion footrest affair. You need to stand on the right hand side of the Starlett to start it.


But the main issue is that as a pull-start lever only gives you a quarter of a turn, it’s not as efficient as a kick-start. It takes a bit of getting used to, though if you want to show off to the usual crowds attracted by the Starlett, it is admittedly very impressive once you’ve mastered the technique.


You can read more about this Monet Goyon Starlett and scooterettes on the Cyclemaster Museum website: PLEASE CLICK HERE

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