Page 65. 1972 Tula Muravey Triporteur – UNSOLD

1972 Tula Muravey – Russian Commercial 3-Wheeler Scooter

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The Tula Muravey is a 3-Wheeler version of the Tula Tourist Scooter


This 1972 Russian Commercial Scooter does run. I couldn’t resist buying it when I discovered it last year.


I’ve always fancied building myself a Goggo Lastenroller. As Tula built identical versions of the Goggo before they built this 3-wheeler version of the Tula Tourist, it would be interesting to discover to what extent an original Goggo front end would fit in place of the Tourist bodywork.


Nevertheless, this Tula definitely has such a unique charm in its own right that it would be a great shame to spoil it.





There’s an Argentinian website that shows lots of photos of newer Muraveys. (There are lots of excellent odd 3-wheelers in Argentina). It looks like they must have been built there under license:

I quite like the one below…


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