Page 66. 1950s Cyclemaster Roundsman 32cc Delivery Bicycle – UNSOLD

1950s Cyclemaster Roundsman

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Back in those austere postwar years when the overwhelming majority of new vehicles were immediately exported to help Great Britain recover from the War, there was a shortage of commercial delivery vehicles.


That’s when the Mercury Cycle Company, in conjunction with Cyclemaster Ltd, brought out the Cyclemaster Roundsman 32cc Delivery Bicycle.


The model featured in this auction is not a Mercury: this rare model of Cyclemaster Roundsman has double the carrying capacity, being built with extra lugs on the rear to mount an extra carrier behind.


Pity the grocery boy sent out fully laden on this machine if he had to negotiate a steep incline …because Cyclemasters did not have sufficient oomph to power even a solo rider uphill, never mind a load.


Vintage commercial enthusiasts love the Cyclemaster Roundsman because it’s the most basic ‘pick-up truck’ made in Great Britain.


A Cyclemaster Roundsman is a very practical vintage utility vehicle to own and use.


This particular one is in excellent unrestored condition and in working order. The engine runs well.


Traditionally, delivery cycles are parked outside shops with a board advertising their businesses.


But I can visualize this one being used on vintage cyclemotor runs or at rallies in the summer.




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