Page 67. 1980 Puch Maxi Zorplan Shopper 3-Wheeler Reg GDW 12W – UNSOLD

1980 Puch Maxi Zorplan Shopper 3-Wheeler

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Valuable Registration GDW 12W

A very rare beast these days. The Zorplan Shopper was a conversion available for the very popular Puch Maxi moped.

This one is in the workshop at the moment, being restored. Just got it fired up this afternoon (23rd February). On Monday, Jim Lee will post us 2 new tyres and brake shoe sets for the rear wheels. Once they’re fitted, I hope to give it a test run later in the week and take it for its MOT the following week.

So photos will follow soon. But in the meanwhile here are two pics for you to savour, courtesy of the Moped Archive. My Zorplan Shopper looks exactly like the one in these archive pictures.




UPDATE 4th March

Well here they are – the eagerly awaited Puch Zoplan Shopper photos. I collected it this morning from the workshop. Everything is good with it …except the Puch Spares chap took ages to post the bits we needed and when the package eventually arrived it only contained one tyre. He’s promised to put another one in the post today.

As a result I’ll now sell it without MOT as I’m running out of time. But we’ll put the tyre on ready for the new owner, and it will therefore be ready for MOT. It has new brake shoes, so they need bedding in.

I took it for a spin round the country lanes. My impressions? It starts first kick. It was a bit sluggish at first but it soon built up speed. I thought that, being a lightweight 3-wheeler it would be more unstable, but it handled well. It would be a great contraption to take on a cyclemotor run.

I’m used to old vehicles so I really enjoyed it; but I can’t imagine that it was particularly popular with its intended market in the late 70’s and early 80’s, ie housewives off to do the shopping.

It’s nothing to do with this particular vehicle: it’s just that surely the advantage of a moped in a city is that you can slip in and out of traffic? Whereas a 3-wheeled moped might have a great storage area in the back for your shopping, but that makes it too wide to sneak between cars.





This is the only Puch Zorplan Shopper I’ve ever seen. I don’t know if there are any others lurking in the UK, but there are no photos on the Moped Archive of an actual machine, only the promotional pictures seen at the top of this page. So it’s possible this one is the last remaining example.


Cosmetically it is beginning to show its age. But everything is quite serviceable, and its unrestored original condition, in my opinion, adds to its charm.


Now I’ve ridden it I’m really loathe to sell it. Be brave, Colin. Better to have bought and ridden than never… etc etc


There’s a V5 Registration document. The only thing missing is the lid to the carrier on the back.


There is a comprehensive collection of workshop manuals, spares list, handbook, etc. which I’m including in the sale.





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