Page 68. 1952 Brockhouse Corgi 98cc Mk II SOLD £1006

1952 Brockhouse Corgi 98cc Mk II Lightweight Folding Scooter

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A lick of paint would make the world of difference to this charming little Corgi. But this is how I bought it and, as it runs well and passed its MOT with no hassle, I’ve left it as it is.

It’s MOT’d to 10th June 2008 and is taxed (free).

It has no lights, so the MOT is a daylight one; it had a horn for the MOT but you’ll need to buy yourself a new one now. And you’ll need to attach a numberplate and some sticky white letters.

It has a kickstart to fire it up, and you push down the footrest to engage the gear.

You can fold down the handlebars to stow it in a car; and it would be ideal if you have a campervan – just the thing to ride to the shops on Sunday when you’re on a campsite.

Frame no. 22321
Engine no. Mk2 W 31247

I think it’s a ’52, but the logbook is dated 1983 and it’s on a ‘Y’ reg so I’m not sure. In fact the registration ‘CAP ___Y’ is worth £100 or so if you can be bothered to advertise it.

As it’s a good runner, and there’s not very much of it to paint, it’s an excellent prospect for a cosmetic restoration in between riding it around.



The Brockhouse Corgi was manufactured in Southport, Merseyside. The Mark 1 (1947) was exported to the USA as the Indian ‘Papoose,’ as Brockhouse had recently bought the Indian company name.
As Mark 1’s were not officially sold in UK, the Mark 2 was the first model available here, released in 1948.

I was introduced to the Corgi while at school. My friend Laurence bought one as his first motorcycle when we were 16, a few months before I got my first scooter (a Garelli Capri that I swapped for a transistor radio and 19/-). We didn’t think of them as vintage vehicles in those days. Laurence moved on to bigger bikes after getting fed up being chased by dogs; with the low speed of his Corgi, the neighborhood hounds were starting to catch up with him and bite his ankles.

I’ve had a soft spot for them ever since, and have owned various models over the years. They have now become ‘collectable’ – which must mean there are other nutcases out there like me?









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